Different Ways to Style Your Trench Coat Dress

I remember the first time I set my eyes on a trench coat; it was on Dick Tracy in the movies. I loved his look and knew for certain that it would become a trend that everyone would follow someday.

I was a child and grew up glad to know that true to my vision the trench coat did gain popularity. In the earlier days the trench coat was a double breasted coat in khaki and black.

These days the vintage touch has moved out of the fashion scene only to make room for a single breasted coat that is available in a variety of bright and solid colors. If you want to get in on the trend of wearing the trench coat dress then I have a few tips on how to style yourself in it.

A single trench can be worn for a casual, semi casual or a formal look. Let’s take a look at each style. For a casual look you can wear a pair of dark colored jeans with a bright colored top and a knit sweater. Over this you can wear a khaki or a black and white trench coat. Complete the look by wearing a pair of ballet flats and wear the coat with a few buttons undone.

If you have a neutral colored trench or a grey trench then you can wear it with a sweater, camisole or a T shirt in warm summer colors. You can wear a pair of semi washed jeans and a pair of dark colored sandals or ballet pumps with this look for a semi casual look.

Wear smart jewelry like dangling earrings, a multi strand necklace or several chains in your neck. With this look too you would need to button down the coat so that the camisole or T shirt can be seen through.

The trench coat dress can be worn by itself. In this case all you need to do is wear a belt around your waist in a matching or contrasting color and wear a pair of boots to go with the dress.

If you are wearing this outfit in winter then you can wear a pair of shorts or tights under the outfit with a camisole under it to keep you warm. Black boots will look perfect on a black or a grey trench while brown boots will match a brown or green or khaki coat.