Different Ways To Protect Your Hair

Everybody wants to know about the perfect type of hair brush, but women are more particular about things like suitability of hair brush according to the kind of hair and various other things.

There are many useful tips to follow in daily routine to make your hair healthy and strong.

Oil Massage: First of all, you need to give your hair proper food through different methods. One of these can be a massage on your scalp with any reputable or good quality oil, as it is the best way to make your hair strong and powerful.

You should make it your habit to massage your head at least 4 to 5 times in a month, but you need to wash hair after 30 minutes. You cannot keep the oil in the hair all day long.

Shampoo: Use a good shampoo to wash your hair as it is beneficial to clean up your hair and to give it a fresh look.  After oil massage, you need to use shampoo twice to make sure that there is no more oil left on your scalp.

Fruits and Vegetables: You need to take proper care of your diet. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables because these are the best source that provide protein to your hair.

Conditioner: Do not forget to use one of the best conditioner you find in the market, after you finish using a shampoo. It works as a protective agent and helps a lot to prevent split ends.

Avoid Usage of Electronic Machines: Try to avoid the usage of blow dryer or straighter as their heat will damage your hair. If you want to use the same, keep it at a distance of 5 to 7 inches from your head. Do not make it a habit to straighten your hair with electric machines as these are harmful for your hair’s health.

Let your hair dry in normal air as excessive use of blow dryer makes your hair rough and dull. If you find time at the weekends, prepare a fresh paste of Amla and Retha after grinding the same. After application, keep it on your hair for at least one hour. It will surely make your hair smooth and silky. So, silky and healthy hairs are just a few steps away.