Different Ways To Curl your Hair

Ringlets and curls come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on the the duration of time you leave the hair in a curling rod and how tight you curl them, you can either get tight curls, wavy curls or simple loose curls at the end of your hair.

But curling iron is not the only way around it. There are a lot of different ways you can get those gorgeous curls you are looking for!

If you are going for rollers, there are two ways you can do it. In the first method, once you have washed your hair with shampoo and conditioner, divide your hair into several sections. Now, while the hair is still wet, curl the hair around the rollers and pin them up. You need to do this before going to sleep since you need to leave them overnight. By morning, your curls will be ready!

The second method is by blow drying. You have to curl up the hair the same way as told before, but this time, you can blow dry your hair until your hair is completely dry. Once it cools down, pull out the rollers and you’ll have your curls!

If you don’t have rollers, you can roll the hair strands around your finger and pin them up with bobby pins!

You can also go for wrapping foil method to curl your hair. All you need to do here is, wrap your hair strands with wrapping foil and curl them using bobby pins like explained before. After a couple of hours, your hair will be considerably dry and that is when you take them off. This is the best method if you are looking for something that wont damage your hair.

Steam setters are a lot better than curling iron since they don’t damage your hair and make your curls look professional. The best thing about steam setters is that they take only about a couple of minutes to heat up and another few minutes to curl your hair. It works equally well for all kinds of hair too!

Gel rollers are another great alternatives that give you those springy curls that really last all day. They don’t really damage the hair that much and it’s real easy to loosen up the curls with brush to waves if you don’t like them too tightly curled up.