Different Types Of Stage Makeup

Stage Makeup

Stage Makeup Stage makeup is not limited to painting face only. Rather, stage artists have to apply different types of makeup products for depicting right look as per their character. There are many types of stage makeup that are applied as per the need of show or event.

For example, in drama, style of makeup is such that characters get appearance like everyday people. On the other hand, in fanciful musical shows, makeup is done for elaborating face and prosthetics like ears. Irrespective of the type of stage makeup, artists have to carry certain tools so that perfect face is created for the show.

Different Types Of Stage Makeup

There are basically two types of stage makeup that are done. These are cream based makeup and cake makeup. Cream based makeup is done by applying cosmetic products that contain oil. These products come either in cream formula or in stick formats. Cream based makeup is also known as greasepaint. As compared to cake makeup, cream makeup is easier to apply.

Since it is also a heavy makeup, people with sensitive skin can develop acne after four hours of wearing it. Another drawback associated with this type of makeup is that it is harder to remove as compared to cake makeup, which mostly comes in powder form. This powder is mixed with water so as to form a paste for application on face and other body parts.

Cake makeup is gentler on skin. However, applying this type of makeup requires expertise. Both of these typesof stage makeup must havehigh-pigment content, as actors normally perform under bright lights on stage, which reveals imperfections easily. High-pigment makeup helps in concealing blemishes and other skin imperfections.

Apart from other, there are some other types of stage makeup too that are applied. For example, Sweat and Tears is one of them. This type of makeup is a liquid product that is applied for helping actors in crying and sweating, as per the requirement of show. Similarly, Fake Blood is another style of stage makeup. This type of makeup is mostly used by actors that appear in supernatural and horror performances.

Fake blood is used in this makeup for mimicking injuries or some other similar medical conditions. Other types of stage makeup that are also applied to artists are Rainbow Grease Pain, Body Paint and White Face Pain. In rainbow grease pain, grease pain in rainbow colors is applied on the face of artist for drawing exaggerated contours. This type of makeup is also used for painting colorful designs.

On the other hand, white face paint is normally worn by clowns. This type of makeup is one of traditional stage makeup. It is also used for making artists look ill. If ghostly appearance is to be provided to any character, white face paint is generally used.

Body paint is applied all over the body of artist for making different types of patterns and designs. It is also used for changing the skin tone of artist.
While applying makeup to artists, glitters are also used. Glitter may be restricted to face or applied all over the body. It is mostly used by exotic dancers for picking up lights and for producing a sparking effect.