Different Types Of Nail Filing Tools

Different Types Of Nail Filing Tools

Different Types Of Nail Filing Tools Taking care of nails is very necessary for having beautiful looks. Two major procedures in which nails are taken care of perfectly are pedicure and manicure. Many types of tools are used in these procedures for increasing the beauty of feet and hands.

Nail file is one of various tools that are used for shaping the nails after they have been trimmed. Nail files are basically used for grinding the edges of nails. There are many types of nail files available in market. Prices of these files differ greatly. Before using any type of nail file, it must be remembered that right nail filing technique is as important as choosing right nail file.

For example, nails must be filed when they have grown at least three millimeters from the stress point. It is the point at which pink part of nail plate meets free edges. Similarly, nail filing stroke should be made from corner to center.

Different Types of Nail Filing Tools

One of cheapest nail filing tools are emery boards. Emery boards are generally made of plastic, wood, or foam and are covered with a lining of cardboard or cloth. Grit is also found embedded on the covering, which is usually made of silicon carbide or emery, a mineral that contain aluminum oxide. Nail experts recommend different types of emery nail files for different nail lengths and shapes.

For example, if artificial nails are to be shaped, coarse manicure emery boards are the best. If natural nails are to be filed, cardboard nail files are the best to use. Selection of emery nail files depend upon the type of task also. For example, if length of nail is to be changed, it is better if large emery nail files are used. Emery boards are flexible as well as abrasive and are commonly used in manicure and pedicure sessions for shaping nails and making them smooth.

However, as compared to other tools like metal nail files, these are less abrasive. One restriction attached with emery nail files is that they take more time for filing down the nails. Light and even strokes have to be made in one direction for shaping and smoothing the nails.

For shortening long nails, 20 to 30 strokes are required whereas for shaping the nails, five to ten strokes are sufficient. One of biggest advantage of these nail files is that since they are cheap, they can be disposed of after use. This reduces risk of disease transmission. Other nail files have to be sterilized first before using for preventing spread of disease.

Metal nail files are also one of commonest nail filing tools. These are durable and easily available. As compared to other types of tools, metal nail files are easy to use because of their strength. However, these tools have to be used carefully as they can lead to cracking and breaking of nails. While using a metal nail file for smoothing the rough edges, strokes should go in one direction only. Each side of nail should be filed in one direction only, either up or down.

This is because filing nails in two directions through metal nails leads to cracking of nails. For increasing the effectiveness of metal nail files, build up, which is resulted due to filing, must be wiped off regularly. Similarly, metal nail file should be wiped regularly. These nail files are usually advised for toenails, as they are stronger and thicker.

Nail Filing Tools

Metal nail files of stainless steel are considered as better as they do not rust. Before using, these should be sterilized for preventing infections. It is to be understood that bacteria and germs remain in etched areas of file and are not removed by rinsing files with water. While getting pedicure and manicure treatments in beauty salons, it must be ensured that metal nail files have been sterilized properly as these are used on different people.

One of latest nail filing tools in the nail industry are glass nail files. These are considered as perfect for shaping all types of nails. Like metal files, these do not rust. These have been found very gentle on natural nails. Using glass nail files regularly helps in preventing splitting of nails. Since these files provide a smooth finish, peeling of nails does not occur. Though these are more hygienic to use, glass files may be sterilized after every use. One restriction attached with these files is the price.

As compared to other nail files, these are more expensive. If they are dropped, they can break and this makes them less convenient. Crystal glass nail files are also found in the market. These are extremely smooth to use and are highly effective too. Like metal and emery nail files, these do not tear the nails. As these glide across the nails, flawless finish is obtained.  Since these are non-porous in nature, growth of fungus, mold and mildew is prevented. This reduces the chances of infection. Crystal glass nail filing tools also meet the sanitation requirements of FDA.

Most expensive nail filing tools are electric nail files. Many brands of electric files are found in market and each of these has different specifications. Price of electric nail file can vary from $90 to $450 or even more. These files have a rotating abrasive tip and look like a small power drill. Electric nail files are generally used in salons for shaping gel and acrylic nails.

These can also be used on natural nails but it needs practice. Electric nail file has clockwise as well as anti-clockwise drives and thus, can be used comfortably by left and right-handed people. These devices also have speed control for better precision. If professional results are home are required, electric nail files are the best option. These are corded devices and run on mains power supply.

Apart from above, diamond, ruby and sapphire nail files are also available in market. However, these nail files are suitable for strong nails only. Ceramic nail files are also used by some people for shaping their nails. These files can be used for treating cuticles also. People with split or thin nails should go for emery boards made of rubber.

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