Different Types Of Makeup Eyeshadow

eyeshadow If you’re well versed with how you can create different textures using eye shadow, you will feel more liberated to experiment with your eye makeup to create different looks.

But for this you need to learn a little about the different types of eye shadows available in the market and how you can use them to give your eyes a unique touch.

Now before we talk about the rest of the things, we will suggest that you use foundation over your eyelids before you proceed with the eye makeup. The foundation works well in keeping your eye makeup intact, besides making it easier to apply the rest of the eye makeup. If you don’t have any foundation you can grab some eye cream on to the eyelids, and follow it up by dabbing some face powder on to the eyelids.

Powder Eye shadow

The powder type of the eyeshadow is the best to use, because it is usually well pigmented which makes sure that the true color comes out even with a mild stroke. Also the color doesn’t fade when exposed to bright lighting. The powder eye shadow is available both in matte as well as shimmer finish. Matte eye shadow is best used to create a sheer texture, while shimmer eye shadow should be used when you’re trying to create a rich and intense texture.

Liquid Eye shadow

At the time of buying this type of eye shadow, you must look for the lightweight texture, so that the application remains easy. Applying it can be a little tricky; you need to hold your eyelid very still till the eye shadow has completely dried, because the liquid eye shadows are highly prone to flaking and getting messed up around the crease. The liquid ones are best suited when you are going to be using just one single color, because blending different shades will turn out to be real messy job.

Cream based eye shadows

In case of the cream based eye shadow, you can think about blending but you must avoid blending more than two colors or else you will see a grayish tinge on the crease. These ones are best applied with your fingertips or a sponge applicator. Creamy eye shadows can bleed at times, so you should use an eye pencil along the eyelashes, to prevent the eye shadow from bleeding into the eyes.

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Sidharth Thakur