Different Types Of Kisses To Enrich Your Bedroom

Different Types Of Kisses Kiss is a powerful mechanism to spice up relationship. Creativity is an art that helps to cut boredom in martial life and this article focuses on different type of kisses to spice up relationship. The different type of kisses mentioned in this article is not complete and you can vary each type of kisses and add your creativity to it.

You should set the mood before kissing and you should stay relaxed during kissing. You should do kissing slowly to have a sensual feeling.

Eye Lid Kiss

You should start kissing your partner on eye lid. You should kiss eye lid gently and roll your tongue from left to right on closed eye lid of your partner. You should rub your eye lash over your partner’s eye lid.

Do When You Feel Kiss

You should kiss your partner when you feel. You can do it while you are talking through phone, reading book, watching TV and while listening attentively to her. You should not restrict your kiss on your partner’s cheek and you should cover other body parts.

Surprise Kiss

You should surprise your partner with kiss games that you can play. You should say loudly that there is a surprise on news paper today and should hand over newspaper to your partner. When your partner browses through newspaper, you can kiss your partner.

Belly Kiss

You should expose your partners belly area suddenly and say that your partner is missing something there. Give a soothing kisses on belly and surprise your partner. You should use your hand to caress belly area and can suck belly. You can just roll over your partner’s body to take something from window pane and while your partner is complaining, kiss your partner.

Ball Kiss

You can play any ball game with your partner and you should try to teach your partner new tricks in ball game. While doing it you can kiss your partner lips. The other alternative to ball kiss is that you can place table tennis ball inside your partners dress and try to keep it there .During that process you should kiss your partner sexually.

Rain Kiss

Rain kiss

You can go out in rain in umbrella. You should ask your partner to come immediately and while your partner reaches near you, you should grab and give a lip kiss. You can do it while getting soaked in rain also.

Phone Kiss

You should call your land phone using your mobile phone and you should take land phone receiver and talk through it. Then you should call your partner and give land phone receiver and say that someone is calling your partner. When your partner keeps receiver on ear, you should kiss your partner by hugging your partner close to your body.

Soap Kiss

You should wash your hands well using soap. Then you should make soap lather and apply it on your partners face. Then you should use your finger to remove a part of lather and then kiss that part of skin. You should then wash together with your partner and you should kiss your partner once again.

Power Off Kiss

Power off kiss

You should turn off main switch of your home and then you should kiss your partner without hurting and you should occasionally whisper “I love you” to your partners ear. You should lie together for sometime before turning power on.

Drop Kiss

You should drop something hard in your bedroom to make a large noise. When your partner rushes to bedroom, grab your partner and push slowly to bed. Jump over your partner and plant kisses all over body. You should make sensual moaning sounds while doing this drop kiss.

Book Kiss

You should read a book in front of your partner. Keep photo of your partner inside it and just kiss on photo by making noise and say “lovely nose, lovely ear, lovely eyes and so on”. That would tempt your partner to come near you and grab it. You should play with book before passing book to your partner. Hug your partner and give warm kiss over lips when your partner finds your photo .You should rub your nose with your partner. You can move your hand smoothly over your partner’s hair.

Lingerie Kiss

When you plan to go outside with your partner for dinner, make sure that you place a “kiss me before wearing this” tag on lingerie that your partner plans to wear. That would make your partner fly to you and plant warm kisses all over your body.

Alarm Kiss

Alarm kiss

Keep a set alarm clock near your partner and make it go off within minutes. While your partner wakes up and tries to turn off alarm clock, just kiss strongly on lips and cheeks. You should use your hands properly to lift your partners head and then you should lift yourself on your partner’s body.
Head phone kiss: You can download kissing sounds into your computer desktop and you can play it by placing head phone on your partner’s ear. You can kiss your partner based on the sound variation.

You Tube Kiss

Download a video of kissing technique and you should watch video with your partner. Once video is over you should recreate the situation and enjoy kissing.

Letter Kiss

You should post a letter to your partner. Inside, that letter you should paste clippings of couples kissing in variety positions. Then you should end letter by asking “what position you want tonight” and you should give your partner, that kiss later that night. You can send this letter as e-mail also.

Fan Kiss

Place some glitter paper on top of fan. You should turn on fan when your partner is lying on bed and glitter paper would fall over your partner’s head. Help your partner remove glitter paper by kissing.

Mask Kiss

Place a mask on your face and show only your eyes, lips and nose. You should kiss your partner lips and you should hold your partner close to your body. You should caress your partner’s body using your hands.