Different Types Of Hair Ties For Looking Attractive

Different Types Of Hair Ties For Looking Attractive

Different Types Of Hair Ties For Looking Attractive By changing the hairstyles, looks are also changed. Very often, celebrities get new hair styles for increasing numbers of their fans, as they are appreciated for their new hairstyles and looks.

It is not necessary that a woman should always make a ponytail by using a plain hair tie. Rather, she can make different types of hair ties for getting changed looks.

Different Types of Hair Ties for Looking Attractive

Many types of hair ties can be made for impressing spouse and other people. For example, hairs can be clipped so that they do not pull down the face always. Many types of clips are found in market that look pretty and provide a new look to hairs. For example, studded clip can be used for getting a rocking look.

While going to beach, a bright colored clip can be used. Some women also use feathery clips for looking different from others at a party. Clips are quite easy to apply. Hairs are first pulled back from one side and then they are clipped. For making new hairstyles, bobby pins can also be used. It is really a fun to try new styles with these hair pins.

When hairs are kept in place by using pins with embellishments, great looks are obtained. When pretty dresses are worn, floral bobby pins can be used. If a woman has got bored of having simple looks, she can try sparkly bobby pins. After clipping and pinning the hairs, headband can also be applied for getting great looks. There are many types of headbands found that have different themes.

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For example, headband with floral and leaf details are quite in vogue these days. If a woman likes to wear lustrous headbands, she can go for metallic ones. Hairs can be tied or let loose. If a woman has short hairs, she can go for cute curls. Hairs should be wetted first of all for making this style. Curls are then made by twisting the bangs. Three bobby pins are then applied on the top of head.

After applying bobby pins, little quantity of gel is applied and spiked up the back. Excessive quantities of gel should be avoided, as it can destroy the looks. Traditional prom curls also look great. For making this hair style, hairs are first shampooed and then blow dried. Tangles, if any, should be removed by brushing. Hairs are then put in side part. By using clips and rollers, prom curls are made.

Rollers have to be applied to hairs for one to two hours. After removing rollers, circles on the top half of hair are pinned. Afterwards, hairs are sprayed with a hair-spray. Curls found in bottom half can be softened by using a curling iron. Hairs are then decorated with pretty crown or nice pins.

Alice’s hairstyle is also liked by many women. For this type of hair tie, hairs are first brushed for making them straight. Ends of hairs are curled by using a curler. Hairs above the eyebrow arch are then parted to the side. Bangs are then sleeked with the help of hair clip and hair-spray to get the desired look.

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