Different Types Of Hair Oils

42-16246844 Hair oil is perhaps one of the few hair care products that are used by all be it a child or an adult. They make the hair soft, nourish the hair and also make them more manageable and hence reduce hair fall and regular wear and tear.

Most of us use coconut oil that are mostly perfumed and by filtration made light. Perfumes and chemicals are really harmful for the hair and again different types of hair need different care and oil.

Intensive care:

Intensive care is for those who have hair problems particularly hair fall, thinning of hair, curly, rough and frizzy hair. Coconut oil is insufficient for this purpose. Try olive oil and pure almond oil instead. They are thick viscous liquids and have greater density than coconut oil. Warm olive oil and almond oil when massaged in the hair provide far greater nutrition to the hair roots than ordinary coconut oil. Use them for just a month and you will feel the difference.

Light to Moderate Nourishment:

Coconut oil is best if you have a rather problem free hair and want to maintain the natural shine and growth of the hair. Coconut proteins are not that effective against severe hair damage and problems. One of the greatest benefits of coconut oil is that you can mix herbs with it to make it more effective. You can mix lemon juice to make it anti dandruff hair oil, to resist hair fall mix amla, ritha, or fennel seeds with it. Add Neem oil to it and it will cure any scalp infection and itching.

Tea Tree Oil:

Extensively used in the production of anti dandruff hair oil. The concentrated oil is generally mixed in a far lighter solvent and used. The above mentioned oils are best for the hair. It is always advised to stay away from paraffin oils which are strongly perfumed.