Different Types Of Cinnamon Hair Treatments

Cinnamon Hair Treatments

Cinnamon Hair Treatments Many types of natural occurring substances are used for treating hair and cinnamon is one of them. Cinnamon has great natural properties and this is the reason why it is used in many types of hair treatments.

For example, for stopping hair loss, cinnamon can be used. In treating baldness also, cinnamon is used. For obtaining best results, it is necessary that cinnamon is used regularly over a period of time. Using this herb one or two times would not provide any result. Cinnamon hair treatment is not given for achieving shiny hair but for treating different types of problems associated with hair and scalp.

Since cinnamon can lead to a tingling sensation, people who have sensitive scalp or skin must not go for this type of treatment. While taking cinnamon hair treatment, it must be ensured that oil, paste or mixture does not enter eyes. In case, mixture or oil enters eyes, they should be washed repeatedly with water.

Different Types of Cinnamon Hair Treatments

It has been seen that people who have coarse and dry hair suffer from hair breakage mostly. Cinnamon can be effectively used for treating hair breakage. Similarly, people who have fine and thin hair can also use cinnamon for promoting growth and thickness of hair.

Many people use cinnamon regularly for saving their hair against breakage and dryness during winter months. For stopping and treating hair loss, cinnamon is applied in the form of paste. This paste is formed by taking one teaspoon of cinnamon and one tablespoon of honey. These two are mixed with warm olive oil and this mixture is stirred well.

This paste is applied to hair and scalp in a gentle manner and left for ten to fifteen minutes. Afterwards, this paste is removed by washing hair with tepid water.
Cinnamon oil treatment is also a very popular hair treatment and helps in preventing dryness and breakage of hair. For application, cinnamon oil is mixed with petroleum jelly, which is very effective in removing dryness of hair.

Cinnamon oil and petroleum jelly are mixed well and applied to scalp and hair. This can be done using fingers or brush. This mixture is left on hair for fifteen to twenty minutes and is then washed out with water. If needed, mild shampoo can be used. It is to be understood that cinnamon paste and oil treatment can also stimulate new hair growth and this is the reason why these treatments are generally given on nape of neck, crown and temples.

Cinnamon hair treatment is used for lightening the hair also as a natural alternative treatment. For application, cinnamon powder and hair conditioner are mixed in equal quantities and applied to hair from top to bottom. For maximizing results, hair should be washed before applying cinnamon mixture.

However, excess water from the hair should be removed. For ensuring even distribution of mixture, tangles should also be removed from hair. Hair are then combed so that each hair strand gets covered with this mixture. This mixture should be applied to hair before going to bed and is washed out in morning using a mild shampoo.