Different Options To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

hair-removal-img When you enter the teens, you suddenly come face to face with one of the harsh facts that unwanted hair, on your arms and legs, is ruining your beauty. At this stage, most teenagers resort to using razors to shave off the unwanted hair.

You may spend long hours sitting in the shower shaving your legs and arms to get rid of the unwanted hair. And although shaving seems just fine to get rid of unwanted hair, after a few sessions you will begin to realize that your skins texture is getting spoiled by the razor burns.

That’s when you begin looking for other hair removal options, and just too assist you in your search we have here a short list of hair removal options.


This is one of the most commonly used procedures to get rid of unwanted hair, and although it’s a bit painful, it certainly gives you better and long lasting results when compared with shaving. To do it all by yourself may be a bit difficult, and getting it done at the beauty salon will cost you some good amount of money.


This is small machine which you can use yourself, because all that’s needed is to run it over the hair on your legs and arms. It’s just a onetime investment and the best part is that it is fairly quick and efficient. It’s just like several tweezers pulling out hair at the same time. The pain is bearable, but the temporary itching and rashes may be quite annoying.

Depilatory creams

These creams break the bond between the hair and the skin so as to remove the hair from the skin. However, not many women are comfortable using these creams because of the kind of skin burns and irritation that they cause, especially if you do not follow the instructions on the pack.

Laser hair removal

In this a laser beam is used to burn the hair; however it works well only when your hair is dark and the skin tone is light. Also the procedure is quite expensive and still it does not offer permanent hair removal.


If this is the only procedure that guarantees permanent hair removal, but it is usually a long stretched procedure which requires multiple sessions and is quite costly as well. The procedure uses fine needles to destroy the hair follicles, and the needle needs to be inserted into each and every follicle to completely destroy it. After destroying the follicle, the hair is removed with specialized tweezers.

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Sidharth Thakur