Different Jean for Different Bodies – How to Determine Your Style

There is no doubt that over the years jeans has evolved. What was once considered a staple to wear in a single style is now being showcased on runways in different styles and cuts. With the number of styles available today it is almost impossible to find a pair of jeans in a split second.

If you are shopping around for jeans you need to spend quality time to understand the design and to figure out if it suits that shape of your body. I have a few guidelines that may prove to be useful to you when you are hunting for a pair of jeans the next time.

When you are looking out for a pair of jeans you need to consider the cut, rise and the wash. If you can understand these 3 factors you will be well on your way to getting a pair of jeans that flatters your curves and figure.

The cut of the jeans is referred to the shape that the pant leg. Ideally jeans have a tapering bottom, flair bottom or are skinny legged. The rise of the jeans is measured by where it sits on your body.

A classic waist jeans fits under the naval, the low rise is a few inches below the belly button and the high waist jeans is above the belly button. The fit of the jeans is defined by how it fits on the thigh and hip region.

What to consider when buying a pair of jeans?

When you are buying a pair of jeans the first thing that you need to consider is the shape of your body. The shape of your body will determine the type of jeans that will flatter or make you look fatter.

A tall figure can pull off a skinny jeans look as well as a classic jeans or a flair bottom look; however tapering jeans are for a young girl sporting a casual college or street style.

If you have a long waist then you can wear a pair of high waist jeans; however if you have heavy hips then stay clear of this trend. Women with full thighs and hips can wear boot cut jeans as it hides the additional bulges.


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