Different Hair Types, Different Hair Styles

Changing your hairstyle can give you a whole new look and however a change is a must to get over the monotonous look.

From bangs to long and straight, a hairstyle gives you a complete makeover. It often defines an individual. Good hairstyles (classy and stylish) often make an individual feel and appear confident and attractive.

With the time passing by new hairstyles are emerging to give you the look you always dreamt of. However, for the ones unsure about the type of hairstyle there is a huge range of hairstyles from which the person can choose which suits his/her personality the best. Here are a few just for you.

a)     The cut/ hairstyle : Wispy bob

Best suited for wavy or hair

Get a long bob along with choppy layers, and I would probably suggest it with side swept bangs.

b)    The cut/hairstyle : Unconventional Updo

It’s ideal for all types of hair

The best thing about this hairstyle is that it can be done at home by itself by taking random and indiscriminate pieces of hair and securing them with long hair pins or the bobby pins to the head’s crown. The final finishing touches can be given by pulling out pieces of side layers to structure the face, and could be made to look clean by smoothing them with our beloved flat irons or the obvious blow-dryer.

c)     The cut/hairstyle : Long on layers

Best suited for wavy or straight hair

One of the simplest and less time consuming hairstyle would be this. However, at home you could blow-dry your hair using a flat or round brush, and rumple the hair lightly with fingers when dry.

d)    The cut/hairstyle : Contemporary

Best suited for wavy hair or straight hair

Get a layered hair cut with side swept bangs; these bangs can start from the cheekbone.

It is one of the most common hairstyle adapted by women/girls. Its convenient in maintaining with ease can be carried for any occasion and often best suited.

e)     The cut/hairstyle : Long on style

Strictly for straight hair

For a while now, many women/girls hit the salons most often to straighten their hair, and we love our hair straight, right girls? It is one of the very few types of hairstyle which have never gone out of fashion. Classy to look at and easy to drape your fingers and comb from it.

f)      The cut/hairstyle : Pixie

Best suited for straight hair only

When going to a salon, ask for very short layers with very short bangs.

It looks amazing and since it is short it is easily manageable.

g)     The cut/hairstyle : Swept away

Ideal for all types of hair, so it’s a “yeyyyy” for the too curly haired beauties too.

Have a shoulder length, layered hair cut with angles cut framing the face, have the angles from your cheekbone. It could also be done at home by using a round brush for flipping the hair out as you blow-dry after which you could use hair promade or hair wax into your hair for having a wispy and delicate look.

Within the glamour industry there have been variations and this can be seen in the range of hairstyles worn by African American- styles that are copied by others and many more.

Whether it’s  Rihana’s faux-hawk and vibrant color, Michelle Obama’s conservative coif, Cassie’s punk rock half-shaved head, Alicia Keys’ braids, Solange’s buzz cut or Chanel Iman’s super-straight locks and ballerina buns- women are showing that a hairstyle can add a lot to your look.


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