Different Forms of Meditation

Meditation helps you focus better, helps you gain control over your thoughts and helps you remain in control, keeping unwanted emotions at bay.

It is a technique to combine one’s conscious self with the elements of thought and perception and achieve a spiritual high that leaves a person tranquil, yet focused and dynamic towards his or her goals in life.

There are many ways of meditating and they are focused on the development of different aspects of the body and mind. The most common form of meditation is Yoga, which also is one of the most misunderstood forms of meditation too.

There are those who will not accept yoga as a form of meditation because as per them, it involves exercises that are best suited to strengthen and stretching the body. When one does the yoga exercises, it is not the speed but the extent to which one can go is tested.

Every exercise is a test of will and it helps to push oneself to the farthest without losing calm and peace of mind. Hence, Yoga is the exercise of both the mind and body.

The second mode of meditation that we can discuss is the sitting meditation. This form of meditation is subdivided into 2 categories that are based on the objective of the exercise.

The sitting meditation is aimed at controlling the reactions of mind and thought. The first category of it requires one to sit down and close the eyes. Then all that one has to do is to concentrate on the inhalation and exhalation. One has to prevent the mind to waver and just concentrate on the sounds of the breath. This exercise is aimed at concentration.

The second category of the sitting meditation requires one to allow all the sounds and thoughts to pass by, but one has to control reacting to any of those thoughts and any sounds around. This exercise is aimed at calming the mind and helping it gather more control.

The third form of meditation is the guided meditation that is done amidst chants and a trainer who directs you on the slow, rhythmic exercises. This exercise is meant to elevate one from the lower conscious to concentrate on the inner self.