Difference Between Love And Passion

Difference Between Love And Passion Couples would wonder what dose of passion and love they should put in a relationship to succeed. The article focuses on highlights of both these traits and how it would help to stabilize a relationship.

The article advocates strongly that for a relationship to last and succeed, you should practice love and passion together.

Understand Love and Passion In A Relationship

Love is a feeling that would help to resolve conflict and help for greater emotional attachment in a relationship. Passion is the binding force that ties love to a relationship. Passion is the thing that helps you to do the same thing again. Love is an art that would not get boredom attached to it if you show passion in a relationship.

You would do everything to satisfy your wife if you are in love but you would also risk dying to do a thing if you are passionate to your wife. Love will flow smoothly only when passion is there and you should not shy away from mixing it.

Romance is the best method to blossom love in a relationship. Sex blossoms passion in a relationship and helps to make sure that emotional satisfaction is there for partners. Respect to your partner and kindness to your partner will flow if you have love to your partner. When your passion dies, your respect and love to your partner diminishes.

When To Show Love and Passion In A Relationship

Your wife is suffering from fever or any other ailment. This is the perfect moment to show your love to her. You should stay near her and care her well.
You could not spend quality time with your wife due to your busy schedule. You should kiss her and enjoy sex as if your whole life depended on it. That is the passion for you and you should not miss an opportunity to show it.

How To Have Love In a Relationship

You should understand your wife completely to have love with her. You should admit her short failings and help her to rectify it. You should admit your short failings also and try to become a new avatar in relationship.

Humor is the best method to have love in a relationship. You should have an uncanny ability to see humor in utmost difficult circumstances and that would help to calm the nerves of your wife and steady relationship. Spending quality time, honesty and open communication is some of the traits that would help to blossom love in a relationship.

How To Understand That You Have Love in A Relationship

Have Love in A Relationship

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You hate to leave her company and you are ready to share quality moments with her. You would love to hear her voice, get enthralled by her presence and would get vivid imagination of lovely scenes and flowery images.

The moment you feel that you are not comfortable in her presence; love has started diminishing in your life. Infatuation is not love. In infatuation stage, you are ready to admit her short failings on fear of losing her only and when you marry her you would kick-start a row on her failings.

Difference Between Love and Passion in Love- Making

Love is like slow sex making while passion is like quickie sex. You should have both to have an enthralling bliss experience in a relationship. Love in a relationship would lead to sensual love- making. You would take time to see her and appreciate her natural beauty.

You should use your eyes cleverly and should highlight her key assets and should do sensual talking and sensual caressing. In love you would see her new hair style, her new tattoo, her new panty, her new bra and many other things. You would love to lead her to orgasm and would build tension slowly.

Passion is the fire that leads to raw sex. You would do intimate scenes even in forest if your relationship with your wife is passionate. You need sex now and you are not concerned about anything else and this mind-set holds the key for passionate sex. You would think about sex daily and every moment if you are passionate.

You would have thought of creative ways to undress your wife and on ways on how to kiss her when you are passionate about your wife. You would read articles, see video clippings and browse through internet to get new ideas on how to kiss your wife passionately. Passion in sex would take your eyes away from appreciating her inner wear lingerie and her hair style. Passion in lovemaking brings out your creative side in bed and you would try pleasing her with spicy moves.

Difference in Hugging Styles When You Are in Love and In Passion

Hugging Styles

You would press each other hard when you do passionate hug. You would embrace lightly savoring the moment when you are in love. Love is equal to drizzle and that would give a lasting impression on mind. Passion is like heavy downpour and that would not last too long and you wish to make it last longer.

Anger Management In a Relationship On Basis of Love and Passion

Anger management is an important part in   every relationship. If you do not control your anger, chances are high that your relationship would derail. Passion is the mindset that would work overtime when there is anger in a relationship, and love is the calming water that would pour water to raging fire and turn it off.

Why Love and Passion Are Equally Important In A Relationship

Passion is the mentality that would govern the first stages of married relationship and love would take center stage later. There are occasions in which love has diminished and passion has flowed towards some other woman. You may love your wife but you may get passionate about the other woman who you may try to flirt with. That will destroy your relationship with your wife. Your passion about committed relationship would help to cement relationship on a strong foundation.

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