Diet to Reduce Cholesterol Level

High cholesterol in the blood level is an invitation to many heart ailments. However, your daily schedule can be hectic and you might not be able to exercise as much as you should.

Even when you exercise, you might want to know what diet to follow.

Here are some tips on what to eat to keep the cholesterol levels in the blood in check. These diets have become increasingly popular and it has been suggested that these food items when consumed even before one has high cholesterol levels will act as a preventive measure.

All those who are vegetarians and strict vegans at that, should have a lot of fruits, grains and nuts. Soy products and oatmeal have been known to be excellent agents to help in the reduction of cholesterol.

High fiber fruits and food items which contain soluble fiber should make up a major chunk of the diet. Fruits like apples, pears and prunes should be had in plenty. Barley and kidney beans are excellent source of soluble fiber.

For those who intend to reduce weight and the cholesterol levels should opt for a low fat diet. It is a well known fact that the more the weight is, the higher are the chances of heart ailments. Cholesterol levels also correspond to excess fat in the body. This is why a reduction in the body weight is always a welcome move because it helps improve metabolism and blood flow which otherwise would have been used to maintain that extra fat.

Let there be a maximum amount of leafy fruits and vegetables and if they are eaten raw, then there will be a lot of roughage and soluble fiber supplied to the body. If the vegetables cannot be consumed raw, then they should be boiled and eaten. The minimum amount of fatty oils should be used in the food preparation.

Red meat, butter and margarine should be completely avoided. Low fat dairy products should be consumed and there should be an inclusion of oat meal and oat bran in the food. Include fish like mackerel which are high in omega 3 acid that helps in reduction of cholesterol.