Diamonds: A Woman’s First Love

As the old proverb goes “diamonds are a woman’s best friends”, I see it quite in practice. The amount of passion women show for diamond jewelry is certainly more than their passion for men. So no wonder diamonds are a woman’s first love. Although the craze about diamonds is enormous, only a few women know how to check the diamonds for quality.

Before we give you details on what all to check when buying diamonds, one little advice that go to a showroom where the sales man is not too pushy and gives you sufficient time to examine the diamond before purchasing it. Also don’t hesitate to clarify any of your doubts, since diamonds are an expensive affair and surely you love your money.

The diamonds are primarily evaluated on the famous 4 C’s, which are:

Color: diamonds are available in different colors, and as you move from low to high on the color saturation scale the price also moves up. The highly saturated diamonds would not have any traces of secondary colors such as red and green and are very rare. Colorless diamonds are the rarest, the best and that’s the reason they are comparatively high priced. On most occasions you’ll find that the diamonds have a slight tinge of yellow and the lower the yellow the more expensive a diamond is going to be.

Clarity: clarity implies how devoid the diamond is of blemishes and small traces of impurities trapped in the diamond. And obviously, the less the flaws, the more the price will be. Using a magnifying glass you can easily check for any imperfections in the stone.

Cut: cut is the process of chiseling the stone to enhance its beauty and shine. During the process of cutting small facets are made on the surface of the stone, and when light reflects on these surfaces you see that brilliant shine of the diamond. Cutting also involves giving the diamond a certain Shape such as square, rectangle, oval, heart, marquise, princess and emerald.

Carat: this is how the diamonds are valued in terms of their size. Greater carat implies large diamonds. One carat is equal to hundred cents. What you need to understand here is that are one carat stone will be way too expensive than 10 ten cent diamonds. It is not the weight of the diamond which is important but it is the size of every single piece of diamond used in the jewelry which will decide the price.

Sidharth Thakur