Diamond Jewelry Trends In Summer 2009

diamond Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and this summer, some new trends have emerged in the field of diamonds. The designers have not only tried their best in giving shapes to the valuable stones, but have even managed to enhance the colorful shine of the same.

The blending of diamond with other precious stones definitely makes a bold statement. The latest fashion in diamond jewellery is the bracelet made with aquamarine and white diamonds. Finger ring made with blue sapphire is also a thing to own.

Another diamond color in trend is the purple diamond. However, to acquire one is not an easy job since it is an expensive item. Nevertheless, you can purchase an artificial purple diamond. The best part of such an artificial purple diamond is that it is inexpensive and the quality is no different from the real one. An entire set can be gifted to your loved ones.

One can also be close to the nature by opting for the pink diamond collection. A pink wedding that compliments the white wedding gown is ideal for the occasion of your marriage. The yellow diamond is for those who want to flaunt and dazzle the observers. This diamond resembles the sun. However, this diamond cannot be worn with black apparel, though it goes perfect with red.

The other color to try out is the green diamond, which goes well with green and purple clothing. Though this diamond is supposed to offer you a cool look, it will definitely drive the onlookers green with envy.

So, you can see that colours do not only form a part of the apparel but also play an important role in your jewellery. The colours are the perfect way to represent your mood and style. If you plan on walking into a diamond jewellery store this summer, don’t be surprised to find a fascinating combination of colours among them, from where you can take your pick.