Detox Diet And How It Helps Remove Toxins From The Body

We hear of different kinds of diet but detox diet is something that makes us think. Detox is actually detoxification in short. It is an ongoing process by which toxins are eliminated from the body.

Toxins are bad for health as they can harm the body tissues. These turn into harmful compounds inside the body. They have to be essentially excreted out to get rid of all toxins through urine and stool. Toxins are produced into the body through some of the normal functions.

The ammonia that is produced during the breakdown of the protein elements and also cleaners, pesticides, additives in food, pollution and drugs as well as cigarettes contain a lot of toxins while we inhale them. Detox is essentially meant to prevent a person suffering from drug or alcohol abuse but it refers to a diet which contains herbs and other environmental products that is useful for optimum health conditions.

A Detox Diet is a short term diet that helps minimize the amount of chemical that is in the food. This also places emphasis on the nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that are included in the food and the body needs these essentially for detoxification. The detox diet also contains foods rich in high fiber and also water.

It helps draw out the toxins and also increases the amount of bowel and urine in the system.
Why is it essential for a person to go on a detox diet? When we inhale a lot of chemicals through air, water and food these are deposited in the fat cells of our bodies. The Body burden or the cumulative load as it is called leads to illness, imbalance in hormones, muscle pain, poor skin, fatigue, bad breath and indigestion.

There are tests that can be done and that include liver function tests, blood, stools and urine. They can reach out to doctors if they are suffering from such conditions. The medical practitioner has to decide whether a detox diet is essential for a person or not.

There are certain withdrawal symptoms for such diet. A person can suffer from headaches due to caffeine withdrawal. Constipation could be another problem. People who suffer from terminal illnesses, cancer, autoimmune diseases, genetic diseases should not go in for a detox diet.