Designing Your Dream Home


home-interiors Confused about how to do up every nook and corner of your new home? It’s time you work smart and design your home in style! We tell you how!

Living Room: Decorate your living room according to your comfort and aesthetic senses. A living room is a place where you sit and chat with the whole family! So, it should be well furnished. A good color combination along with elegant patterns will also make your living area look great!

Plan the furniture of your living room according to the space. If it’s spacious, then you can incorporate various sections in the room itself like dining, television and gossiping!

Flooring is a very important factor: There are a lot of varieties. You ca go for marble, wood, granite or tiles flooring. Cover the sitting area with rugs. It looks great and cozy too!

A leaning long chair looks good near the fireplace. You can also go for bean bags for kids. Light your living room adequately. Go for chandeliers or bright shades.

Bedroom: The bedroom is undoubtedly the most important part of the house. Furnish your bedroom according to the space. Do not put too many items in your room as it will look cluttered. Fewer items will however make it look incomplete.

Beds And Mattresses: Go for comfortable beds and good quality mattresses. Do not go for hard mattresses as they amount for backaches.

Flooring: Go for laminate or vinyl flooring. These floorings are easy to maintain and durable too.

Carpets: Carpets make your bedrooms look cozy. Go for carpets which have a contrasting effect on that of the wall color.

Hope these simple tips will help you do up your house! A house is incomplete if it’s not done properly! Buy a house, but make it a home with your classy touch!