Depression and Women.

The much talked about term depression is used to describe a critical condition causing indescribable mental suffering. The phenomenon of depression has been around for thousands of years, the proof of which can be found in historical records where it was addressed by a different name – melancholia. Strangely, studies and research has shown that men and women display the symptoms of depression quite singularly. In spite of the fact that most of the symptoms of depression may be physical, depression is essentially a disorder of the mood.

Since the key aspect of depression is some kind of disturbance in emotions, it is often considered to be an affective disorder. The research statistics aren’t quite pleasing, and talk about nearly twenty percent of the grown up population to be affected by a depression during their lifetime. By the end of the next decade, researchers expect to see depression as one of the primary reasons for premature deaths and permanent disabilities.

The intensity of depression can vary from mild to severe and from shot lived to long term. The general diagnosis for depression takes into account two fundamental symptoms which are an unrelenting low mood and disinterest in usual activities.

In women the typical symptoms of depression are remaining distracted, gloomy, and sad and ruminating most of the time. They would experience a myriad of thoughts swirling in their heads. This tendency to ruminate has been attributed to their being strongly emotional about their relationships and the feeling of being feeble in this society.

While most men would resort to drinking when going through depression, to get rid of their despondency, most women on the other hand spend a lot of time chewing over the past and whatever is happening around them. It is strange however that while alcohol prevents men from ruminating, in women consumption of alcohol just about increases their over-thinking activity. So, making use of alcohol to hack distress may not be a brilliant idea and may just worsen the situation.

Sidharth Thakur