Dental Health For Children

Dental Health For Children

A new born baby does not have teeth at the time of birth. Hence, we think that there is no need to practice any routine oral care habits in order to take care of the teeth. Most of us plan to initiate brushing and rinsing after the teeth are visible. But their teeth are already formed under the gums; it is just that they are not visible.

The earliest tooth develops from the gums at about five to six months. Some babies are born with teeth. Hence, it is very important to follow healthy oral care habits in order to have healthy gums and teeth later. Starting this practice during the infant stage helps the infants to get used to it and follow it even after growing up. One should follow these easy steps in order to initiate healthy dental practices in infants.

Dental Health For Children


Brushing is the most common and important dental practice for all of us be it adult, kid or an infant. Soft brushes should be used for infants. There are varieties of brushes available. The most common one is a rubber like brush which looks like forefinger.

Dental Health For Children

It has tiny rubber tips on the inside part. Rub these tiny tips gently on your baby’s gums. Do this practice three times a day. One time should compulsorily be before going to bed. You can also use a soft and clean cloth till your baby develops the teeth.


You can use infant toothpaste to brush your infant’s gums. But there is no compulsion to use toothpaste as plain water is enough to wash their gums.

Regular Dental Check Up

Take your infants to a pediatric dentist every six months. The first tooth develops through the gums at around six months.

Regular Dental Check Up

Hence, that time would be perfect for the dental check up. If that is not possible then at least take him or her to the dentist before he or she turns one year old because till this time the baby loses majority of the maternally derived antibodies.. Discuss genetic dental issue if any during the visit. This helps the doctor to take necessary precautions.

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Bottle Mouth

Do not place a bottle of milk during the night. The baby will get habitual by the sweetness of the milk and sleep with the bottle in his/her mouth. The sugar and acids of the milk will decay and pool of liquid will form on the gum line, under the tongue and the entire mouth.

Dental Health For kids

Once the baby is addicted to the bottle of milk during night he/she will not leave it so easily. Due to this the permanent teeth will be decayed and discolored. Use a bottle of plain water instead of milk.

Dental practice for infants is an uncommon knowledge. Majority of us do not follow it. But an early start will give your baby healthy gums and teeth. For kids it is very important to follow a routine regularly so that when they grow up they realize the benefits and practice it daily. If you start early and initiate good dental practices, then your baby will have healthy white pearl like teeth when they grow up.