Denim ‘Must Haves’ 2010

This year denims are making a huge comeback. A large number of brands have teamed up with designers to add a bit of an edge to the cuts and designs. This year not only denim pants but skirts, belts, bags and even shoes are making a huge statement on runways across the world. Here are a few tips on how you can get in on the denim mania in 2010.

Denims are a staple in every wardrobe. You need to find your key pieces so that you can wear them for years on end. As a matter of fact I can tell you that I purchased a pair of denim trousers almost 8 years ago and haven’t felt the need to buy another till now. Look out for jeans that flatter the shape of your body. Don’t focus only on the waist; you need to look at the length and the fit on the buttock and thigh regions too.

Denim jackets are also in vogue this year. A denim jacket needs to fit your frame well. If you are looking at using this jacket in the colder months of the year then one with long sleeves is the best option. If you are looking at this piece as a long term investment then look at something for traditional. Most denim jackets are stitched with red or brown thread. This is an important detail to look out for as it needs to match the outfit that you wear.

Don’t feel forced into wearing your jacket only with a pair of jeans or a denim skirt, you can wear the jacket with a dress or even trousers. Fold the sleeves for an edgier look and don’t feel shy to wear them with leggings too. Look for a jacket with detachable sleeves; this will be perfect to wear even on warmer days.

Denim shirts are also making news on fashion runways. These shirts can be teamed up with semi formal outfits to tone down the look or with a pair of hot shorts to the beach. Choose to wear the shirt in whatever way you feel comfortable.

A must have accessory is the denim handbag and a pair of denim shoes. These key pieces in your wardrobe will give you an edgy look and will help you to move from everyday monotony in your look. Choose a messenger bag in denim or maximum appeal to your outfit.