Deep necklines are not fit for the work place

Power dressing, although it still remains the standard in women’s corporate clothing, is being dumped by some women because it’s relatively conservative and because it steels on the glamour aspect. But the big question this drift in corporate clothing has raised is whether it is acceptable to wear tight clothing and deep plunging necklines to work. The answer is simple if you’re willing to compromise with your career prospects, go ahead and wear skimpy stuff to show off more of your skin.

And just in case you think deep necklines will attract more male colleagues towards you, you’re simply mistaken, because in one of the surveys conducted in the US it was found that women wearing deep necklines and showing off their cleavage actually put off professional males. The only guys you will be able to attract, by wearing scoop necks and deep V-necks at work, are those who aren’t dedicated to their career and who are most likely to come up as losers in the long run. Besides, most of your other colleagues are going to find your reveling clothing a bit offensive or outright ridiculous.

In the corporate environment, your success depends on how seriously your colleagues treat you in professional matter. Now just try and imagine, how effective your business presentation would be if half the men in the conference room are simply staring at your plunging neckline and not listening to what you are saying. To get people to listen to you and to value you as a serious professional, you have to make the right impression on them, and wearing the right clothing is an integral part of making a strong professional impression.

There is a certain limit to which you can allow your cleavage to be seen in your corporate wear and going even an inch deeper, can make you look vulnerable.

Remember that making a sound impression at work is all about understanding the corporate work environment and sticking to it. And corporate dressing is all about looking smart, professional and glamorous and not looking sexy with a deep cleavage revealing neckline.

And lastly, remember that there are lots of other places and other occasions where you can get away with deeper necklines and skimpy clothing, then why compromise with your career growth by wearing something unsuitable to office.

Sidharth Thakur