Deep Breathing for Healthy Living

While numerous researches have been conducted on stress reduction, the one thing that has come out common in most researches is that deep breathing exercises are the most effective way to neutralize stress.

Stress is something that has become inseparable from our lives, and even trivial things like a pimple on the cheeks can be a source of stress. But this one amazing tool, called deep breathing, can give you results which even medication and expensive therapies may fail to deliver.

All that is needed is about ten minutes of time, once or twice a day, and you will experience a basket full of benefits. Deep breathing aids in blood pressure control, heart rate stabilization, better digestion and improving the immunity system.

It is quite a refreshing activity which helps in reducing fatigue and increase alertness and concentration. Although it is something that is very simple, but do not doubt it’s competence to cure or at least ease down several different types of problems. Most people find it too good to be true, especially because of the mystical reputation that deep breathing enjoys, and so they are a bit reluctant to give it a try.

There is no need for you to get some special clothing or sit down in a particular pose to practice deep breathing. You can do it almost anywhere, say when you take a little breather at your work desk or when you’re casually lying down on the couch at home. The idea is to give your body an abundant supply of oxygen by taking controlled and deeper breaths. What is equally important is to concentrate on your breath and keep your mind from wandering or getting distracted.

So, look for a time or place where you would not be disturbed in the mid of your deep breathing session. Also counting your breath can help to keep your brain focused on your breathing and prevent your mind from going astray. The best way to cont your breath is to count one when you breathe in and then come two when you breathe out and so forth.

Sidharth Thakur