Deep Breathing Exercise Technique

Although I see a lot many people saying that it is the latest discovery, but this little secret has been known for ages, that deep breathing is one exercise which is the most effective in reducing stress and overcoming the negative effects of stress.

Often when we’re struck by tension or stress, we tend to take shallower breaths and that’s what makes the stress situation even more stressful and unhealthy for our body and mind. Here’s a simple deep breathing exercise that you can any do any time, anywhere, provided you can squeeze out ten minutes where you will not be interrupted at all.

It’s quite simple and all it requires is just ten minutes, and if you can do it twice a day on a regular basis, you can easily stay away from stress and stress related mental problems, which are engulfing a lot many people across the world. And as we said uninterrupted, we actually mean it.

In those ten minutes you have to just forget everything that’s happening around you and stay away from that usual habit of multitasking. Put off the TV, Turnoff the Cell phone and close the door of your room to ensure nobody disturbs you till you’re done with your deep breathing exercise.

Now get yourself into a comfortable position, preferably sitting straight without hunching your back or else lie down flat on your bed. The idea is to sit in a position in which your abdominal region and your chest are not under pressure, so that you can breathe deep and freely. And for the same purpose it is desirable to wear lose clothes and remove your shoes before you take the position for the exercise.

Let your body relax so that none of your muscles are stiff or under tension including your face muscles. When your body is completely relaxed, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. When you take deep breaths, instead of your chest raising it should be your stomach which rises.

Pull in air into your lungs gradually to completely fill them up, that should take about two to three seconds to breathe in and then breathe out gradually taking around the same time to throw all the air out from your lungs. And mind you, no breathing from the mouth; breathe only from your nose. Most people feel their mind begins wandering, and if you experience the same start counting your breaths to keep your mind completely glued to the exercise.

Try deep breathing exercise for a few days, and once you experience the positive effects you will never want to give up this exercise.

Sidharth Thakur