Decorating Your Nails With Nail Polish

nails_14 Nail polish is the best way you can give your nails and your hands an artistic look. Face and hands are the most exposed parts of the body, so while you pay so much of attention to making your face look beautiful, you must make sure that your hands look equally good. In fact, a lot of people judge you by the way you maintain your hands.

Get your hands manicured as and when required, and always keep your fingernails well trimmed and clean. For added beauty, make your fingernails look vibrant with some nail polish.

Choosing the nail polish color

When you’re deciding on which nail polish to wear for a particular occasion, match the shade with the color of your clothes. And if you want to look a little different, you can even match the shade of your nail polish with the color of your accessories, instead of the color of your clothes. As for everyday use, it’s best to go with neutral colors because they will blend well with most shades of clothing.

The art of applying nail polish

Before you begin applying a fresh coat of nail polish to your fingernails, make sure that there are no traces of the previous nail polish. To remove the nail polish use some good branded nail polish remover, because the cheaper acetone based removers can make your nails yellow and brittle. Also, if you need to shape up your nails, do it now, because shaping them after applying the nail polish will damage your nail polish.

It’s better not to apply nail polish directly onto your nails, so cover them up with the base coat before you proceed with applying the nail polish. To apply the base coat, avoid making more than three strokes, so as to cover the width of the nail, or the base coat layer will become too thick. Your strokes should begin right from the cuticle and run all the way up to the edge.

Once, the base coat is dry you can begin applying the nail polish, and to get the best results follow similar strokes as you did with the base coat. And to keep your strokes smooth provide some support to your working hand, by placing your elbow of the working hand on the edge of a stool or a table.

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Sidharth Thakur