Dealing With Your Man as Infertility

If the reason behind your conception problem is your man as infertility, then you will have to approach the issue proactively and cautiously or your relationship may fall apart.

Here are some tips on how to handle the situation when you man has been diagnosed with fertility problems:

Take it easy

You all have to go a bit easy about dealing with your man as infertility, and control your desire to push him in for a treatment. All this while you must remember that men have big egos and this is one weakness their egos just can at accept.

He all take some time to settle down and view things in the natural light, and till then you all have to keep mum on this topic of his infertility. For the first few weeks, it as best not to approach the topic, not even in an indirect manner.

Accommodate his changed behavior

Somewhere deep inside every man believes that his semen and his sperm count reflects his machismo. And with a low sperm count or other seminal problems he will be considered less of a man in the society. That as one reason men show a lot of reluctance in getting a semen analysis done, in the first place.

All of a sudden, after you man has been diagnosed with infertility, you may find him becoming irritated with almost every thing. His actions and words may have a hint of confrontation, but however strongly you feel like shouting back at him, you all have to hold back your feelings.

Don at get into arguments and don at try defending your stance, its just a passing phase and soon things will get back to normal. In the meantime you will have to live with his unsettling and confrontational attitude. Just try and let things go his way for a few days, till he settles down to normal.

Help him to face facts

The last thing he needs is sympathy from you, because that will give him the feeling that you are having pity on him, because he has a fertility problem. While a woman would love to get some sympathy, when she has a fertility problem, a man just cannot take sympathy in a positive sense. When, he seems to have become mentally stable approach the matter in a polite and positive tone.

Nothing should sound like you are blaming him for not having a baby or that he is lacking something. Address his infertility as a medical issue that can be sorted out with proper treatment. And most importantly don at try preaching him how he can improve his semen or his fertility, because he would probably have researched it already.