Dealing with vaginal yeast infection

Only those women who have suffered from or are suffering from yeast infection can understand how miserable and problematic this infection can be. Once you’ve had it, you’ll do anything to keep it at bay, in future.

What is It?

This infection often shows up a mild itching in the vagina, and is not quite discomforting initially. The itching is so mild that you may hardly notice it, but within days the itching will become more aggressive and that’s when you begin noticing it. Soon other symptoms like soreness in the pelvic and rashes on the outer tip of the vagina will begin appearing, making things worse and difficult to tolerate. You will experience burning sensation in the vagina, which will become worst during urination. You may also spot a white thick discharge from the vagina.

The Treatment

There are lots of over the counter medications that may help in getting rid of the symptoms; however medical interference may be needed to get rid of it completely. Some of the OTC medicines include butoconazole nitrate, miconazole, clotromazole and vagistat.
All these medicines are anti fungal and are meant for topical use only. All these medicines are quite effective in destroying Candida, which is the organism responsible for this problem. Most of these medicines come in the form of suppositories, which you need to insert in to your vagina. They will melt inside the vagina and will easily target the problem causing yeast infection. Some of these medications come in a cream form with a special applicator that can be inserted in to the vagina to allow easy application of the medicine.

Although these over the counter medicines are quite effective in treating yeast infections, its best to get in touch with your health care provider, as he or she may be able to prescribe oral medication to completely get rid of the infection.

Some Preventive Measures

Keep your genitals sanitized and absolutely clean

After shower pat the area dry before dressing up

As far as possible stick to wearing cotton undergarments only

Change your sanitary pads frequently

Avoid using vaginal douches.