Dealing with Gas and Bloating Problems Effectively

Having gas in the intestines and the subsequent discomfort of the stomach bloating after a meal is a common ailment and it can happen to anyone. When it does, it becomes a major inconvenience as well.

There are many reasons for bloating and gas formation in the intestines. It can be due to the food that has not been digested or if someone has consumed food too quickly. Many a times, the dairy products have been a cause because these food items do not go down well with most people.

If you face this problem immediately after a meal, then the first thing that you should try is to take a walk. Walking will help ease the pressure in the stomach as the body will exercise and move and it will help in the digestion of food better as well.

One way to remove excess gas is by lying stomach down on the floor and pulling the knees under the stomach thereby raising your hip up. This will help in the removal of the gas. Do not eat any extra as it will contribute to the stomach bloating and formation of more gas.

You might want to try salads. They have a lot of fiber that when goes in the stomach helps dissolve food content to convert it into gel for the body to be able to absorb it more easily.

In this case, any remnant food items will be enveloped by the soluble fibers in the salad and hence the formation of gas will stop and the stomach will get back to its normal state in due course.

While you have the stomach bloated, do not sip any beverage from the straw. The excess air going to the stomach will not help in reducing the discomfort. Do not consume gaseous soft drinks when you have the gastric problem going on.

If you are someone who faces this regularly, then developing some good dietary habits will help you prevent the bloating problem from occurring in the first place. Avoid excessive hot or cold food. That way you will not have to gulp it down quickly. Chew your food properly and carefully. Do not hurry with your meals.