Dealing with eczema

Eczema, which is a kind of skin allergy, has become quite widespread with lots and lots of people complaining about this problem over the past decade. The rise in eczema related medical cases is an outcome of the modern life.  The new lifestyle has made us overly exposed to harsh chemicals and pollution. In nearly all cases of eczema, there is always an external factor which causes aggravation.

These factors can be anything ranging from what you eat and drink to the cosmetics and toiletries that you may be using. Since the problem aggravates when you come in contact with the external eczema causes,  can be prevented by avoiding contact with such materials which cause aggravation. Here is a list of things that you can to prevent eczema outbreaks:

1.    When choosing your clothing decide on natural fabrics while avoiding all synthetic yarns.

2.    Always read the composition of the cosmetics and the toiletries that you are purchasing to ensure that they contain no chemicals which are harsh and particularly those to which you are allergic.

3.    Keep your house dust and dirt free and well ventilated.

4.    Your bed linen and your clothing must be washed regularly, and make use of mild detergents only.

5.    Avoiding foods which are high in saturated fats can also help.

6.    Avoid foods and ingredients which have been ascertained by your physician as the possible causes of allergy in your case.

7.    When inflammation appears, do not scratch the area and apply only those ointments which have been prescribed by your doctor.

These are just a few preventive measures, but if you see any inflammation or rashes on your skin, for the first time which you suspect to be eczema, leave out the guess work and meet your doctor. It helps to be a bit observant and see what things aggravate your problem, as this information supplied by you can help your doctor in suggesting the most appropriate eczema treatment for you. There are also a variety of natural remedies for treating eczema, and your skin specialist or doctor can advise you about these as well.

Sidharth Thakur