Dealing with Dry Skin

Our skin has small glands which produce the natural skin oils to keep our skin soft and smooth, the natural oil secreted by these glands is known as sebum. And when your skin is running low on sebum levels it is bound to be dry. On the surface level the problem of dry skin can temporarily be tackled using moisturizing lotion, however this type of skin calls for a tad of extra care.

Since dry skin lacks in sebum, whatever little sebum is produced dries out easily and the skin remains deprived of the right amount of moisture that is needed for your skin to stay healthy. Some of the factors which lead to dry skin are the cold weather of winter, constant use of hot water and chemically harsh soaps for cleaning the skin. Also, at times dry skin maybe a result of improper diet and smoking. Certain medical conditions like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, diabetes and thyroid related problems can also be the underlying cause for dry skin.

Dry skin can be troublesome because at times it starts cracking and may become flaky and peel off, giving you a sun scorched look. The tendency of the skin to become red, itchy and inflamed is also quite high, which in some cases can even lead to formation of bleeding fissures. The aging process also quickens up, if you have dry skin leading to early formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

To deal with dry skin problem your first step should be to switch to warm water instead of hot water, along with sparing use of soaps. Herbal soaps and mild cleansers can come in as an alternative to the regular commercial soaps.

Since extreme weathers have been associated with aggravation and dry skin problems, protecting your skin with lotions and sunscreens becomes increasingly significant. Aloe Vera based products moisturize, heel and sooth the dry skin. In case the skin becomes excessively dry and itchy, cold compresses using essential oils can provide instant relief. The traditional milk baths to which almond oil has been added has a magical effect on dry skin.

And lastly, you can also try some of those home remedies such as applying honey, olive oil or mashed bananas to hydrate your skin.