Dealing With Depression During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is supposed to be a time of joy for women. But in reality, many women do not find their pregnancy as a blissful and an enjoyable period.

The many emotional and physical changes which a woman goes through when she is pregnant, can sometimes make her succumb to depression. Depression during pregnancy or ante par-tum depression as it is called, troubles a fairly large percentage of pregnant women.

The main cause of this condition can be attributed to the rapidly changing hormonal profile in the body during pregnancy.

If you are suffering from antepartum depression, then you will always have a feeling of sadness and hopelessness. You will also find great difficulty in sleeping and as a result will become fatigued very easily. You will also become extremely irritable and will find yourself crying simply for no special reason.

Depression during pregnancy should not be considered as just another pregnancy symptom which will vanish with the end of your pregnancy. If left uncared for, then this condition can cause many complications in your pregnancy and will also affect the health of your baby.

Here are some tips that you can follow to handle those pregnancy blues.

Take good care of yourself. Have a healthy and nutritional diet. It is seen that the food you eat will affect your emotional health.

Listen to your body. Do not tire yourself and take rest whenever required. Never compromise on your sleep, as lack of a good night’s sleep will affect your brain’s activities which can in turn cause you to be depressed.

If you feel tired and at end of your energy levels, then rejuvenate and pamper yourself by going in for aromatherapy and massage sessions. Also, speaking out your troubles and woes to your partner or a close personal friend will surely help.

Exercise daily. It is seen that daily exercising will stimulate the production of feel good hormones in the body, which will in turn help to ward of those pregnancy blues. Daily practice of yoga and meditation will also leave you with a calm and composed mind.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time and is by no means a time for you to be sad and depressed. Do take good care of your emotional health as a lapse in doing so can affect the physical health of you and your baby.