Dealing With Cellulite

cellulite The fatty and unsightly lumps, which you see around your hips and your thighs, are referred to as cellulite, in cosmetology. Cellulite is nothing but the body fat bulging under your skin, and often this accumulated fat rips off the connective tissues, making them unable to hold the body fat in place. And this results in lumps; however, if you are thin the cellulite may be less noticeable because of your less body fat.

Dealing with Cellulite

Your combat against cellulite must begin with detoxifying your body, so the first thing to do is to give up on nicotine and caffeine, to liberate your liver and colon. Next thing cut down on your fat and salt intake, and have lots and lots of water to flush out the toxins from your body.

Get onto some raw vegetables, fruits, berries and nuts to give your body a boost with vitamins and essential fatty acids. Onion, in particular, has been found to be rewarding in fighting cellulite because of its diuretic properties, which help in erasing the water buildup from the skin tissues.

While your diet is definitely going to play a big role, presence of cellulite means your body is simply crying out for exercise. And if working out at the gym doesn’t seem like your cup of tea; then get onto some walking, biking or Pilates to tone up your legs and hips. The Indian yoga is also quite helpful.

You have to strive to convert most of the fat into muscles, because the more the muscle mass, the less will be the chances of cellulite development. The lumps and bumps will just disappear once muscles start replacing fat.

In places where you find it difficult to get rid of cellulite even with exercise, massage the troubled areas to increase blood circulation and then let the exercise break down the fat.

The last bit of advice

Wearing pantyhose also helps in fighting cellulite and in regaining the lost shape of your thighs. While compressing the body fat, a pantyhose also helps in improving blood circulation and you will gradually see the cellulite disappearing.

Sidharth Thakur