Dealing with Anxiety In Toddlers

If you think little children are the happiest, think again. They might seem really content about everything all the time, but they have their own issues of anxiety and various things that they fear.

Maybe not the level in which the adults might suffer, but when you get down to thinking at their level, you might realize how much fear and anxiety they have to deal with. For starters, the most common reason for their anxiety is separation from parents. This might cause them considerable amount of fear and insecurity of being left out. On a less serious level, it might be phobia of animals, darkness or even stuffed toys and dolls!

Don’t take their phobia too seriously and worry that there is something seriously wrong with your child. They grow out of it soon. At least once they reach the age where they actually being to think and understand.

First of all, you have to figure out what exactly is your child afraid of. This is extremely difficult since they can’t tell you on their own. So, check if there was a change in the daily life of your child that is suddenly causing your child to fear something. It might be the fact that your child does not like sleeping alone or saw or read something scary that is triggering the fear and anxiety.

If your child is afraid to sleep alone, let them sleep with you and not force them to sleep alone since ‘they need to grow out of it’. It’s hard to get them used to it suddenly, so allow them to decide to sleep alone on their own. Shunning their fear away with affection can make a big difference. They just want to be assured that they are protected.

Let them know that nothing is going to harm them with you around which will add to the child’s confidence to deal with the anxiety. Try and turn the fear into something fun or silly. If they are afraid of monsters, try narrating funny stories about them in a way that monsters don’t seem scary anymore. The most important thing of all is to acknowledge their fear and not shrug it away calling it silly and that they are too old for it already. Don’t push it and give them time to grow out of the fear on their own.