Deal with Menstrual Problems Easily

There can be many ways by which menstrual problems can be dealt with. However, it is important that the problems should be understood first.

One of the most common menstrual problems is amenorrhea, which means that the periods have not occurred by the age of 16 or they have stopped altogether. There are many reasons that are responsible for it.

They include poorly formed reproductive parts, stress, malnutrition, pregnancy etc. Another common issue is prolonged bleeding that is characterized by thick blood flow for 8 days or more.

This can be because of obesity, uterine cancer, fibroid, birth control methods etc. Then there is the concern of abnormal menstrual pain that gets extended up to a week before or after the periods. The causes are similar to the ones mentioned above.

First of all, there should be a check on the diet and the healthy diet should include grains, fruits, nuts and vegetables at least. Juices of tomato, beetroot, parsley and carrot are beneficial home remedies for the menstrual problems. Avoid fatty foods to keep your weight in check. Also avoid packaged food that is prepared using white flour and excess sugar. Also avoid caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol.

There are many easy remedies for menstrual problems. The first one requires you to add teaspoon of cinnamon to be put in a glass of milk and had once in a day.

This will help reduce the cramps and the menstrual pain. If you consume bamboo leaves every day, then the menstrual flow will be regulated and the chances of excessive bleeding will quickly diminish.

Also, you can take a piece of ginger and boil it in water. Add a little sugar to the mixture and have 3 cups every day, each cup after the meal. This will not only help in controlling menstrual bleeding, but also will help decrease the pain. If one has powdered radish seeds along with cow’s milk regularly, then irregular menstruation can be controlled.

There is one more effective remedy that helps to ease almost all problems during menstruation. Prepare an infusion from marigold herb and have a teaspoon of which twice every day. This will help cure all menstrual issues.