De-Clutter Your Wardrobe

dressstress Whether we accept it or not, we have all become victims of fashion. Everyone wants to look peachy and groovy, and so most of us are willing to dish out more and more so as to have the most fashionable outfits glorifying our wardrobes.

And quite obviously, the way most of us go stuffing up our wardrobes, we’re left with no more space to stock in our new purchases. Our wardrobes maybe so vulnerably stacked that any more additions to it may cause it to explode. Now that’s when, you need to spare a few hours and sort out things in your wardrobe. And while you’re trying to trim down your wardrobe, the following tips may be quite helpful.

It’s your wardrobe not a museum

Most of us have this habit of clinging onto things that may have become completely useless for us. One quick look through your wardrobe and you will find that you are holding on to things that are far too old.

Those are things which you haven’t even been touched in many years, forget wearing them, and still you’ve had them in your cupboard for long. Well now, that you thought about making some place in your wardrobe, why not get rid of all the stuff that you don’t really need.

If you’re finding it difficult to decide what to discard and what to keep, just follow a simple rule that if you haven’t worn an outfit in the last two years, chances are that you may never wear it again.

So you can always discard it. However, there are some dresses and suits which are meant for special occasions only, and you need not part with them even if you’ve not worn them for long. Maybe there haven’t been any special occasions where you could wear them, but you never know when such an occasion may come up suddenly. So give such dresses their designated space in the wardrobe.

When you’re done with discarding the useless clothing from your wardrobe, you’ll be glad to see that there’s a whole lot of space to hoard in your new purchases. But we’ll recommend that before you go shopping for clothes again; just cast a quick glance at what all is already there in your wardrobe and what are the things that you really need.

For instance, you may find that you’ve got ample tops, but only a few slacks to pair them up with, so all that you need to concentrate on buying are a few slacks that can go well with the existing tops in your collection.

Sidharth Thakur