Dating Tips For Women

Only a woman knows it at heart that dating is not only about the man trying to impress the woman or chasing her to woo her.

Dating is also about woman  put enough efforts so that the man may make the chase and win her over and at the same time not let the man know of it. But women often make mistakes on their date which ruins the date and any possibility of relationship with the particular man.

So for those women, here are some simple tips for ruling the dating game and make a guy fall for you.

Dressing up – Do not wear revealing clothes on your first date. Rather till the time you have been regularly dating the same man, keep your revealing clothes away from your dates. Wear something in which you look your best. Wear make up and look as good as you can. But also remember to dress according to the date plan or the place you are going to.

Look happy and confident – Do not brood over any matter and never let tears come in your eyes. Men feel at trouble when they see tears and do not know how to handle them. Whereas a happy and confident person easily attracts others. So smile a lot.

Be interesting to him – Try to be interesting to him by being humorous and witty. Be mysterious to him as men love this quality in women. Engage in some discussion which can bring out your intelligent side.

Try to keep proper distance – Do not try to be too close to him as it will only make him conclude of your being desperate. Though a slight brush of the knees or elbows will create more interest in you.

Keep him waiting – Do not arrive on scheduled time for the date.

Do not be tipsy – Drink only as much as you can handle.

Avoid topic of your Ex – Do not engage yourself in any discussion about your past relationship, if any, or your ex. And if you have to, then do not speak bad things about him.

Keep your date brief – Keeping the date short will make your dating partner want to spend more time with you and eventually create an attraction for you.

Play hard to get - Men like to chase women, so let him enjoy his chase. Do not answer all his calls or messages and do not agree to meet him whenever he asks you to. Create your demand by being unavailable.

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