Dating Advice For Men And Women

dating_4 A friendship that is forged via online dating is converted into a lifetime conjugal marital relationship if a man finds himself happy with the girlfriend he is dating.

The nature of the lady that he is dating should match his impression about an ideal wife, which he has always dreams about. The mutual likings may either be related to looks, attitude, behavior or moral values.

Almost all these factors play a major role in the final decision when a man selects a life partner among his girl friends.

There are different kinds of relationships. In some cases where the lady has a frivolous nature, the relationship never proceeds further. In these easygoing relationships, men are most often happy with the relation as it is, but hardly feel any urge to take it a step further from the point of social commitment.

The best trick for making a permanent impression on a man is to behave rationally and sensitively. Rational and non-impulsive behavior will help you achieve the desired objective irrespective of the apparent reluctant attitude of the man.

The man may observe your small gestures silently but he is sure to remember the same, when he gets down to measuring how well you come upto his own yardstick of evaluation. He would judge you on his desired comfort level and decide whether life with you would be a suffocating commitment or a lovely bonding.

There are some positives signs from a man to his would be wife that the lady should take care of. If a man feels satisfied about his ladylove, he might indulge in a comparison between her and all other ladies he knows, thereby taking pride in himself for choosing the best out of the lot. It is the positive attitude of a woman and the comfort level that a man shares with her, which compels him to propose to her.

If you are still unsure of where your relationship is heading to, march ahead by taking note of these factors as mentioned above.

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