Dark under Eye Circles Treatment & How to Hide or Lighten Them with Makeup

Dark circles are a problem for almost 70% of women and this is largely because of pollution, stress, lack of sleep, improper nutriton, frequent diets, excessive exercising, exertion, spending hours before computers and television, etc.

While after certain age it is normal to have dark circles,now days even teenagers are seen with dark circles which is mainly because of lack of care. Prevention of these is essential to maintain the beauty of face which is why you must look at the tips to get rid of dark circles under the eye.

You must try out home remedies to cure the dark circles in natural way. try out putting a slice of cucumber or potato over eyes and rest for 10 minutes. Do this thrice in a week and see a remarkable change in your personality.

Then you can try out eye massage by the help of warm almond oil or coconut oil. Massage promotes proper blood circulation which helps to clear out impure blood under the eyes.

Take a lot of vitamins and especially E and K as they are good for skin. sleep for at least 8 hours in a day to avoid dark circles. Good diet and right kind of exercising is essential as well.

As for hiding the dark circles, nothing works best than a concealer. As the name suggests, it simply conceals the dark circles which makes it easier to show face without dark circles. Use good quality make up so that it does not look fake but natural.

Apply small dots of it all under the eyes and massage it in circular motions. Use yellow or golden colors as they help to hide the dark color of under eye circles and wrinkles. As for eye care, apply under eye cream every night and gradually the dark circles would vanish.

You can try out surgical method in case nothing works for you. Surgeries help to fill up the hollows that makes your face look fuller and better. Also the puffiness goes away, if any. So this is how you can solve the problem of dark circles.

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