Dare To Look Different!

makeup-mistakes1 Are you bored with your looks? It’s time to look more exciting by trying an all new appearance. Try to be different and always remember that your face denotes your style statement! Read on for some simple techniques to stand out!

Different Strokes:

Foundations are back dated now! Instead, you could opt for loose powder which is to be applied on the skin with a damp sponge. Dampen the sponge with a moisturizer and apply in layers on the skin. This gives a totally different look to the face.

Apply a makeup foundation which is 2-3 shades darker than your skin color. Make sure to apply it on places you want to highlight.

Running out of your regular liquid eyeliner? You can apply the mascara as the liner with a thin brush. It also adds glitz to the eyes making it look glamorous. Use a contrasting-colored eye shadow to make your eyes look catchy!

Extend the eyeliner to the edges of your eye and create swirls or designs, you like! It looks creative and different as well!

Apply shimmers and glitters to the collarbone, tips or outer edges of the eyes. This is called the “disco diva” look!

If you are wearing false eyelashes, make sure to blend it properly with the original ones. Apply a thick coat of mascara over it to make it look even more natural.

Make Up Kit Must-Haves:

Liquid eyeliner in two colors, black and white.

Glitters and bronzer.

A pair of false eyelashes in varying styles.

Bright eye shadow powder in colors like green, blue or black.

A loose touch-up powder.

A shimmering lip gloss.

Fake tattoos.

These were few tips on how to look beyond that stereotyped conventional look. Try these out and dare to look different and  you are sure to stand out in the crowd!