Dangers of Minimizer Bras

Dangers of Minimizer Bras

Dangers of Minimizer Bras Bras or brassieres are worn by teenage girls and adult women to give support to their breasts and make them look firm. But some women may have over grown breasts and may require bras that tighten up their breasts to give a more flattened look.

As the name minimizer bra suggests the purpose is to reduce the size of the breasts. A minimizer bra simply squeezes the breasts so that they get pressed down considerably and therefore give a lean look. Minimizer bras actually work like squashing an inflated balloon within your palms. Hence the excess fat doesn’t get reduced but just displaced.

Therefore it’s just an illusion created by a minimizer bra which for certain period of time can make you feel good. But it is recommended not to wear minimizer bras for long hours as it has many risks for you and your health.

Maintaining a slim and lean body is something the modern age fashion demands from us and in our endeavor to keep up with our self image and uphold expected fashion standards we sometimes end up harming ourselves more than can be set right. Don’t use a minimizer bra unless it becomes absolutely necessary. Rather go for healthy ways to minimize your breast size if that is bothering you way too much.

Use Minimizer Bras Only When it’s Absolutely Necessary

When you have an evening dress to wear for a party or a button down shirt you may opt to use a minimizer bra. Wear a minimizer bra only if your breast size is much bigger than your overall figure. The minimizer bra helps to evenly shape up the breast than a small sized bra which makes the breasts look uneven and create bulges in the wrong places.

Sometimes jackets and blazers don’t fit then you can use a minimizer bra to flatten your breasts for a while. But never wear the minimizer bra for a long while. Change immediately into a normal size bra when you get home or even better if you can do without wearing a bra for a while. Remember the tissues get pressed down which is not at all healthy.

Understanding Minimizer Bras

Don’t get confused between minimizer bras and sports bras. No, they are not the same thing. Sports bras are specially designed to provide comfort during sports activities and exercises so that you don’t feel uncomfortable with perspiration. Such bras are made from fabrics like cotton which can minimize discomfort while sweating. Minimizer bras are designed to make oversized breasts look smaller. Thus minimizer bras are used for fashion purposes and not for daily wear.

A minimizer bra when worn on oversized breasts works by pressing down the breast tissues and muscles evenly towards the centre and sides thus building a flattening effect. It also holds the breasts tightly thereby camouflaging the sagging look. Hence for parties and outings you can wear a minimizer bra but if the occasion is only for few hours. It is recommended that you only use minimizer bras once in a while and buy from good reliable brands. European seamed bras can be opted as they give very good support.

Risks Of Wearing Minimizer Bras

Minimizer Bras

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It is important for you to know and understand the possible risk factors in wearing a minimizer bra. The highest risk factor is tissue damage. Aches are also an undeniable disadvantage of minimizer bra but even if you are willing to bear the shoulder and back aches but you can’t deny breast tissue damage. Breasts are filled with supple tissues and muscles and when they are pressed way too often they will eventually begin to sag.

So minimizer bras ultimately increase your problem more than reducing it. Minimizer bras if worn for long hours and frequently may interrupt proper blood circulation thereby damaging breast tissues beyond repair. This may eventually become a risk factor for deadly diseases like cancer.

Lack of proper knowledge on minimizer bras can also become risky. You should first do ample research on the internet or ask reliable friends about good brands that sell minimizer bras. You should also be aware of your cup size. Wearing minimizer bras with smaller cup size can be more stressful on your body and hence dangerous.

The worst possible risk with a minimizer bra is that while trying to improve your look you may eventually land up with more sagging breasts and multiple health problems. This can be quite frustrating. The way minimizer bras fit makes you feel uncomfortable as you won’t be able to breathe as freely. Hence it is worthless to opt for a thing that gives so little in return of so many risks and discomforts.

Alternative Ways To Avoid Minimizer Bras

You may be considering using a minimizer bra as you feel your breast size is way too big. It is absolutely natural to try out options that can make you look slim and consequently boost your self esteem. But minimizer bras may not be an answer always other than occasional situations. Therefore if you can get a permanent answer to look and feel good wouldn’t you consider it?

The problem is with your breast size and there are various easy, quick but harmless solutions to reduce your breast size. Off course we are not speaking of surgery! Breast tissues are primarily made up of fat and being over weight will make you more susceptible to fat deposits into the breast tissues.

Diet is an important factor; opt for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle and these will not only assist you in reducing your breast size but also help to maintain an overall fit and lean physique. Breast massage and exercises are the quickest and harmless ways to reduce breast size easily.

Not only will these enable to reduce breast size but will also make firmer and healthier breast tissues. This also reduces chances of cancer and therefore gives you an overall good look. Now you don’t have to depend on unnecessary accessories but happily flaunt your looks in any attire of your desire.