Dandruff Treatment

051708-dandruff The visible white flakes on the scalp caused by the excessive deposition of the scalp skin and which has caused innumerable incidents of embarrassments are really difficult to get rid of dandruff.

Most of the shampoos available in the market provide only temporary relief from the visible flakes and when you stop using them the dandruff returns. You have perhaps stopped wearing black by now due to the fear of being whitewashed by the flakes. Chill, we have got some natural remedies for you.


One of the best known anti dandruff fruit. Mix it with peanut oil or olive oil and then massage onto the scalp. Leave it on for 10 minutes then shampoo it off.

Tea Tree Oil:

Well known for its anti septic properties tea tree oil is used in the shampoos and other anti dandruff cosmetics but it gives better result when used at home naturally without any preservatives. Mix three drops of this oil in shampoo and wash off your hair.


Water and Vinegar solution when applied to the hair also gives very good results.


Diet is something that influences the condition of the scalp directly. Avoid too much fried food and include flaxseed oil, primrose and fish oil in your diet. Use chaparral thyme to rinse the hair and also make 50 percent of your diet on raw vegetables and fruits.


Very essential to maintain healthy hair and scalp. Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids, vitamin , Lecithin, zinc and vitamin E also help in the maintaining healthy scalp which in turn prevent the flaking of the dry scalp skin.

Conditioning your scalp:

Often the scalp becomes very itchy and also the hair becomes too rough. Never leave on oil as you used you do . Always mix oil with lemon and shampoo it off.


  • I have had dandruff for ages and none of the shampoos seem to work. however i read on another website that if you put vinegar on your scalp and leave on for 2 minutes each week before shampooing as usual then you can get rid of dandruff.