Damaged Hair Treatment For Colored Hair

Damaged Hair Treatment For Colored Hair

Damaged Hair Treatment For Colored Hair Many people like to color their hair in different shades. While some people prefer the common hair colors such as brown, black and blond, some other people prefer more adventurous colors such as purple, green, red and so on.

Whatever the shade of color, hair coloring can result in damage to your hair. Coloring your hair results in making your hair rough, stiff and brittle. These damages are caused by the dyes that aDamaged Hair Treatment For Colored Hairre used in the coloring process.

If your hair has been damaged due to coloring, then there are certain steps that you can follow to regain healthy, shiny and smooth hair. The following points will tell you how to treat damaged colored hair.

Treatment for Hair Damaged Due to Coloring

Hair Products

One of the first things that you can do with regard to how to treat damaged colored hair is using a protein based conditioner and a keratin shampoo. These products will help to soften your hair as well as moisturize it. A keratin shampoo will restore the minerals and proteins in your hair and thus help to nourish it. Along with a protein based conditioner, you can also use a leave-in conditioner or cream that will help your hair to hold its moisture.

Combing Hair

Damaged hair is brittle and dry and hence any rough handling will lead to breakage and further damage. Hence with regard to how to treat damaged colored hair, you should take care not to comb your hair when it is wet. This is because, wet hair is weak and for hair that is already damaged, combing will cause more breakage.

If you have to comb your hair when it is wet, t is best to use a wide toothed comb. Also, if you have damaged colored hair, then avoid using a dryer and let your hair dry naturally to save from further damage. In case, you have to style your hair, you can use a protective balm or spray which will create a protective layer over the shafts of your hair and thus prevent causing damage.

Remove Your Split Ends

After coloring your hair, it is always advisable that you trim your hair. Trimming your hair helps to remove your split ends. If the split ends are retained then they will break along the splits and make your hair thinner and weaker. Trimming also helps to keep your hair smooth and healthy.

Hot Oil Treatment

Since colored hair is prone to damage, one effective step related to how to treat damaged colored hair, is to go for a hot oil treatment once a week. These treatments help to enhance and improve the texture of your hair and also add shine to it.

Use Products Meant for Colored Hair

There are hair care products that are specifically meant for colored hair. Using these products will have a better effect on your hair than the use of regular hair care products. After coloring your hair you can also wash your hair with a conditioner only to avoid using shampoos that have harsh chemicals.