Cut Down Your Odds Of A Divorce

divorce Divorce is a dreaded nightmare; however, there are ways in which you can keep this nightmare at bay and enjoy an everlasting love relationship.

Strengthen your bonds with a long courtship

Quite obviously, to stay together you need to be committed to each other, and that commitment comes in only when the both of you have a good understanding of each other. Courtship is a wonderful time to explore and understand each other, and the longer it is, the better understanding you will be able to build, with your partner.

If you walk down the aisle too early, you’re less likely to stay together for longer periods. If you have a short courtship period, you may not have ample opportunity to discover the crucial details about your partner.  So you need to spend some time to understand each other, before you actually commit to each other and get married.

Ideally, your courtship term should be around a year or two, since stretching your courtship period beyond this can also prove detrimental in the longer run. Lingering on is any indication of reluctance, and reluctance comes in only when love and passion for each other are missing.

Living together is the worst choice you could be making

Live-in relationships have become exceedingly popular these days, however if you are looking forward to a long lasting married life then you’d better not walk this way. Live-in relationships are completely different from marriage, and you can never use them as a test drive to make your final decision. While cohabiting, the two of you may display a different side of you, and after tying the knot you will be shattered to see the change in your partner’s personality, as your partner drifts back into his natural character.

Your age is important

Your age at the time of marriage is very important, and as far as possible you should never commit to each other unless the two of you have crossed the 25 mark. Below that age, you are too immature to understand and deal with the nitty-gritty of love relationships and married life. Quite likely, it may just be your immaturity that got you together, and if that’s the case then you really can’t rule out divorce in the near future.

Sidharth Thakur