Cut Down On Your Utility Bills To Begin Saving Money

save-utility-bills With the recession still trudging around, most people are looking for ways to save money and safeguard their financial future. If you analyze any household’s monthly budget, you will realize that it is the utilities which form the major part of the expenses.

So, here’s how you can make some substantial savings by cutting down on your utility bills.


Its best to use your washing machine only when you’re ready with a full load, because washing smaller lots means more detergent, more water and more electricity consumption. Another thing, you don’t really need hot water to wash all your clothes, so let your washer run on the cold setting unless it’s absolutely necessary to wash the clothes in warm of hot water. As for drying clothes, instead of wasting electricity on the clothes dryer, let your clothes dry in the sun, that’s if you have space in your backyard or your balcony.

Cooking gas

When you’re cooking you must keep the heat on high only till the time the pot starts boiling, and after the thing begins boiling reduce the heat. Also, setting up the timer while you’re cooking will ensure that you turn of the gas or the electricity the moment the food is ready.

Electrical appliances

Electrical appliances work well and consume less electricity when you have them regularly serviced and keep them absolutely clean. Also before you purchase any electrical appliance look for its energy efficiency rating, and buy only those appliances which score good in terms of energy efficiency. The cost for such appliances may be slightly high, but when compared with the long term cost of running them, you’ll find the whole deal more amicable.

Communication and entertainment expenses

For your internet, telephone, mobile phone and satellite TV, you don’t always need the most expensive plans, so look for some basic plans which can take care of most of your needs. Also, do check up with the other companies in the market what they are charging for similar services and if their charges are less, than what you’re currently paying, it makes sense to shift over to the other company.

Sidharth Thakur