Curl Care of Hair

Curly hair are hard to manage. It is a sad fact but so true. No matter how much your blow dry them, straighten the, gel them up or try any kind of styling, they just seem unmanageable.

Such problems are common for women with curly air. Good thing would be that you should start loving your curls and pamper them so that they can look their best and suit your personality.

Care of hair begins with shower. It is essential to clean up hair in a good way every second day. In rest of days when you are not washing head, simply condition them. So basic rule is to condition hair everyday.

If you can not take the pain of conditioning them daily, buy a good leave- in conditioner and apply it over hair daily. It rejuvenates and refreshes hair. This would keep the brittle ends in control and also your curls would be allowed to settle down with the help of it.

Whenever you shampoo, apply conditioner and once in a week, go through deep conditioning treatment. If you have hair damage because of regular straightening and blow drying, apply hair repair mask once in a week.

Oiling hair once in a week with hot coconut oil followed by hot towel treatment is essential for a good hair texture.

For the perfection of curls, it is recommended to let them dry naturally. Apply gel over curls and then create twisting locks by the help of crushes and fingers.

The gel would allow the hair to remain at their place and keep the shape of curls rigid. When you are about to retire to sleep, simply braid hair to give them natural curls. It is recommended to not keep the curly hair open for a long time as they can get unmanageable.

Buy cool hair accessories and style them up in a way that the accessories could keep a control over your hair and not let them blow here and there. For the frizz control, it is essential that you tie them with satin scarf at night and moisturize them in the morning. So try it out.