Curing Ailments With Exercise

Regular exercise can help us to stay protected against diseases like depression, cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis. Regular exercise To stay healthy, you can exercise at any place and time that suits you. This is surely an inexpensive way to have good health. However, people have various excuses to stay away from exercise.

Some of these common excuses are:

1. Lack of time.

Perhaps you don’t have 30 minutes to exercise everyday. But what will happen if you get sick? Not only will you miss some days at work, some other person will have to take your workload at office, take care of the children etc. So, don’t neglect your health now. Remember that if you stay away from exercises by telling that you don’t have time, it will cost you more time in the long run when you fall ill.

Don’t wait for that illness to force you. Start your exercise regimen now. Start with a 5 minute warm-up via stretching and walking. Next, do 20 minutes of tough exercise and then use the last 5 minutes for cooling down.

2. Getting up late.

If you have overslept in the morning and missed your exercise schedule, do it at either the mealtime or in the evening. Don’t let this become an excuse for staying away from your fitness regimen.

3. Working long hours.

Squeeze out a few minutes to do some quickies in case you have missed the entire session of your workouts. Ensure that you get up early in the next morning to have a strong cardio session of 20-30 minutes.

4. Unsuitable weather.

If your place has extreme weather conditions, get some indoor fitness equipments or join a gym in the neighborhood to continue doing exercises.

5. Unpredictable schedule.

Sacrifice that favorite show or half an hour of leisure to continue your daily exercise schedule when there are sudden interruptions in your preplanned agenda.

So, start your exercise schedule now and stick to it for the next 14 days. With mental and physical fitness, you will also lose weight by staying on track.