Cure the hair loss

Hair fall could be severe or a minor one. It is normal to lose 100 hair a day while combing, walking around, etc but when you notice that the volume of your hair is getting decreases, this is where you have to treat the problem. Now hair fall could be treated in many ways depending on what suits you the best and the cause of hair fall.

There are many causes of hair fall. Imbalanced diet, anxiety, stress, sleeping pattern, etc are one of the major reasons of hair fall. Dandruff is a problem due to which hair fall occurs. This can cause itching and irritation in the scalp. If dandruff is the cause, then hair massage is solution. Take warm coconut oil and massage the scalp for 10 minutes before taking head wash. Also, using anti dandruff shampoo is no harm so choose the one that suits you. You don’t have to necessarily but an expensive shampoo but don’t buy a very cheap one as well. It has to be effective and must suit your hair type.

Infections of scalp could be another reason of hair fall. You may be having fungal or bacterial infection because of which your hair are falling. So for that, you must take help of doctor. He would prescribe you the medicines. Take them regularly and get rid of hair fall eventually. Things that you can take care of yourself must be keeping hair clean by washing them regularly, staying away from dust, oiling hair once in a week at least, etc.

Things that one can try out at home are herbal remedies. You can apply yoghurt mixed with one egg and apply it on scalp. Wait for 20 minutes and then shampoo it off. If you have dandruff, then add lemon as well. You can also apply paste of fenugreek seed, neem leaves, egg and castor oil. It is highly effective and within weeks, you hair fall would stop. Sometimes, medication can also cause hair loss so consult your doctor if this is the problem. So now you can get rid of hair fall easily. Try it out.