Cure Insomnia In Kids By Following Simple Steps

Cure Insomnia in Kids

Cure Insomnia in Kids Sleep is essential to stay healthy. The one who is struggling to sleep may have experienced some rather peculiar recommendations. Among them, some popular beliefs such as taking warm milk, whipped the feet with cold water, and perhaps the most classic of all, is to count sheep.

Now the question arises is that such practices are effective in treating disorders of sleep or its effect is only psychological?A human body after the long day activities requires the rest. At least 7-8 hours of sound sleep is must.

Some Myths about Sleep

According to the therapist Eliane Walther, suggestions such as those referred would not carry a lot of myths and beliefs of a particular time in its origins, as well as expressing the influence of cultures on our behavior. For example, Indians believe that a glass of warm milk with a tablespoon of clarified butter ensures a peaceful sleep.

However, according to Elias, the response of the method is nothing but a myth constructed by relaxing sensation, but that would not have power to make us sleep as well as when we were babies and breast milk at the right temperature was our favorite meal. The psychologist says that the foot bath from the same principle. “It only has psychological effects.”

Who has fallen into deep sleep after your feet dipped in a bowl with hot water or cold water? What can explain the situation is that as emotional factors directly interferes with the ability to fall asleep, if the myth emotionally calm the person, becomes a solution because the individual grants that power.

Among the many causes of insomnia, a strong reason that keeps people from sleeping is the increased brain activity. Due to the rush of work, involvement with children and other demands of everyday life, it is common that at bedtime, the head resists to calm down. In this case, resort to counting sheep, which would also be a myth.” This is just a way of diverting ones thoughts. Instead of thinking of some professional or financial problems, one should count sheep,” says the expert.

Sleep is fragile; it is worth investing in all circumstances that might create the pleasant relaxation, such as temperature control, lighting, silence and comfort. Second psychologist, between the popular beliefs, the only real value is the use of herbal medicines. “Chamomile tea really has the power to soothe and facilitate relaxation necessary for sleep,”

Reasons for not sleeping

Is it your regular habit now that even on bed at night you are not able to sleep? it is important to investigate the causes with a specialist. Besides ensuring a sufficient number of hours to recharge, sleep disorders can also be symptoms of more serious illnesses.

One of the biggest challenges is getting people who are studying to improve their performance through the ability .In vestibular and competitions, for example, where there is long and exhausting evidence, the ability to maintain the level of thinking for hours can make the difference between approval and disapproval. Today, after decades of studies on the reasoning capacity of human beings, we can say’ if you want to excel in academics, the tip is sleep well’

Both the quality of sleep and dreams improves the student’s performance in courses and exams. The dream act as an activator of memory, providing greater recall of learned subjects studied in class or outside of classes. Parents and teachers must be attentive not only to studies of the students, but also to their physical characteristics, such as extreme tiredness and insomnia.

It is quite common for young people suffering from sleep disorders due to the proximity of the entrance exam.Younger people are generally less prepared to deal with pressure and recovery. For many, the vestibular is truly the first moment of pressure in life. Anxiety for this proof is so great that it prevents sleep quality and thus lowers the yield of the student.

Insomnia in children

Nightmares are common in childhood, especially between the ages of three to five years old. But it can become a sleep disorder, called sleep terror, when they are followed by screams, cries and calls for help.  It is essential that the children to get rid of the fantasies that haunt them. Parents should calm the children and put them to sleep again. But if it happens every night and often then it can be worrisome, “said the doctor of the Sleep Laboratory at the Federal University Sao Paulo Marcia Hallinan.

Insomnia cures for children

To solve this problem, the participation of parents is the most important thing, says psychologist Maria Cristina Capobianco. Here are the two important things which one should take care of: First, we must minimize the aggravating factors such as irregularities in the time to go to bed and wake up. Second is the diet – which is based on spicy or fatty foods. It is advisable not to yell at the children during the crisis.

Another resource that parents can use to help children to deal with the problem of sleep is mounting a kind of play with the story of the nightmare. “The child may be the monster, and parents another figure. And everyone can invent a new outcome for the plot. This child will return to their magical powers to fight these creepy critters,” said Maria Cristina. With infants, the orientation is to hold them in arms, talking quietly or even singing until the feeling of terror subsides. Where parents’ attempts do not work, the participation of a psychologist may be effective for the child not to feel threatened and undermined in the face of difficulties.

In severe cases, the use of tricyclic antidepressants and benzodiazepines (diazepam) may be advised. However, the outcome of these drugs not be guaranteed, and doctors recommend avoiding this option to the fullest. The nightmares may indicate difficulties in family dynamics. Children who have witnessed or been direct victims of domestic violence, had losses of significant others or suffered sexual abuse, among other trauma, may present an intensification of bad dreams. This is a sign that the experience still needs work.

Night terrors can still be triggered by stressful situations, such as changing schools, parental separation, loss of a pet, fight with a brother and growing pains. The consequences of sleep terror are suffering and distress to the child, and possibly developing insomnia early. Fear of being in the dark, sleeping alone and dreaming are other problems brought on by the disorder.

Ruchi Thukral